Nijanand Swami

Nijanand Swami

1581-1654 AD

The founder Acharya of Nijanand Sampradaya who first experienced and introduced integral Tartam Knowledge to the world out of his personal quest for self-realization. At age eleven, these spiritual queries arose in his consciousness: Who am I? Where have I come from?  Who is my Beloved Lord? Why am I here in this world? What is the ultimate purpose of human existence?  At age forty, he attained total enlightenment and became one with Supreme Reality.  He conceived the Absolute Reality as the totality encompassing the graded existences of various levels of consciousness: mainly, Kshar Purusha, Akshar Brahman and Aksharateet Par-Brahman.

Mahamati Prannath

Mahamati Prannath

1618 - 1694 AD

 Nijanand Swami’s ardent disciple Mihirraj, who was graced by Aksharateet Par-Brahman’s blissful love to expand upon and spread the integral Tartam Knowledge throughout the world.  He earned the exalted spiritual title of Mahāmati, the one having supreme wisdom or awakened universal intelligence.  When the Supreme Godhead entered his heart-abode, he became an instrument to propagate and evolve the mission of spiritual awakening (Jāgani). When the devotees of his time saw his bodily presence as a direct expression of Godhead, they venerated him as Prānanāth. Later, the use of the name ‘Mahamati Prannath’ became common simply for the sack of convenience.

Brahmleen Jagni Ratan Dharmveer Jagdish Chandarji

Brahmleen Jagni Ratan
Dharmveer Jagdish Chandarji

1925-2000 AD

A transformational spiritual leader with an evolutionary ideology centered around Shri Prannath Integral Tartam wisdom. He was and remains the main force behind the “Shri Nijanand Jagni Abhiyaan” movement, which later evolved as Shri Prannath Global Consciousness Mission (SPGCM). Today, his life work reflects through religious and charitable activities by several Ashrams, schools, temples, and organizations worldwide.

Manu Kumar Patel

“Life is full of exciting possibilities if you are open to exploring it whole heartily without any prejudgment.”

Narendra R. PATEL

Wholeness is holy. May all be in the blissful auspicious state of total wellbeing.
“Sada Anand Mangal Mein Rahiye.”


“True Master is one who awakens souls with emotions of love and selfless service, and is uninterested in creating blind followers.”